Coconut Massage Oil You Are Amazing!


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Do you like being touched? I must say a good massage can do wonders. Many people do not know that the oils that you can use during massages can really help your senses as well as the massage itself.

Coconut massage oil is one of those helpful oils that really bring about good health benefits. Massages in of themselves are wonderful for your health. As the skin is rubbed the different pressures bring blood to the surface encouraging oxygen circulation. This also causes the body’s metabolism to increase and really burn some calories.

The coconut massage oil itself that is absorbed into your skin makes it nice and soft. The coconut massage oil also has some amazing properties that no other oil has.

• Prevents infection lauric acid is a natural antiviral and antifungal. This will kill many types of harmful bacteria, such as MIRSA and other flesh eating bacteria.
• Helps keep moisture locked into your skin, preventing dryness, cracking, chap, redness and other skin issues associated with lack of moisture.
• Coconut massage oil is rich in Vitamin E which is already proven to benefit your skin
• Coconut massage oil has many anti oxidants which prevent wrinkles! They help you look younger!
• The skin is able to absorb this oil better than most which also aides in the massage process.

Now many people are learning what it really is to have coconut in your diet. Whether it be cooking oil or massage oil the health benefits are incredible. You really should not be missing out. is where I found a lot more helpful information. It helped me make better informed decisions about coconut massage oil and how it would work best for me.

Coconut Oil, Natures Own Gatorade


Many people have a false fallacy around coconut oil. Yes it is the coconut yet that does not mean that is the nut of the tree. It is actually part of the palm family and there for does not have any food allergy risks.
Depending on what you are thinking there is coconut milk and coconut water. The coconut milk derives from a mature seed, where as coconut water is from a young green coconut.

Known as “natures Gatorade” coconut water has the perfect balance of electrolytes and sugar. It contains the equivalent to an eleven oz bottle of apple juice, no fat and no protein. The potassium is that of a banana, potassium aides the body in the absorption of water by cells in the body and thus is very

Since the coconut water relies more on potassium than salt, unlike Gatorade. For those athletes that are highly active and have vigorous work outs, all that salt loss makes sense to go ahead and drink Gatorade. Otherwise for the rest of us coconut water is best way.

There is no arguing that coconut oil does contain saturated fats. Yet the majority of fatty acids in coconut oil are medium fatty acids which according to Ashley Koff a registered dietitian says “For a long time, when we were hearing about saturated fat, coconut oil was off limits, but interestingly, the type of fat in there is a medium chain fatty acid. And that is a type of fatty acid that goes right through our digestive system, so it’s actually beneficial for us there.”

According to Monique Ryan who is a nutritionist and author of Sport Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, medium chains are metabolized by the body more easily which is why it is also found in infant formula.

Coconut oil and Breastfeeding


I was so excited when I learned about this new information about breastfeeding and what mothers can do as a preventive factor for their infants. There is much research out on Coconut Oil that later research was a bit skewed in that much of the information was taken out of context and misused in order sway shoppers and the American people.

Coconut oil and the family of nuts that it comes from were considered to be a bad oil and that it should not be consumed due to high saturated fat content. Which it is in many products, yet most of the Coconut Oil that is utilized today is hydrogenated that in of itself is not good. There is nothing natural about it


The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published an article in 1998 that women that were lactating and who ate coconut oil had a higher concentration of lauric acid and capric acid which has been proved to kill off bacteria, viruses & other pathogens.


For many women that live in countries where Coconuts are a common staple in their diets they had high readings for the lauric acid and capric acid, much more than say a woman here in the United States. This is also an indication that their babies are given stronger immune systems from the get go. Giving a child a head start at a healthy body will lead a to a healthy life, not only save money but heartache.


Breast milk naturally has these acids in it, but the with the consumption of the Coconut Oil it pushes up the concentrations of it which in turn gives the nursing baby even more protection. From viruses like herpes, bacteria like Chlamydia and the common pathogens that are just hanging around. This is fantastic for a new baby coming into the world!


For all you nursing mothers out there-good for you! Maybe if you like Coconut, NATURAL coconut that is eats a little bit. Prevention is the key!